Sapori degli Iblei: Modica Chocolate 65%

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I don’t remember  if I have already related in some other post, that my paternal grandparents are from Noto (Sicily), not far from Modica and Ragusa Ibla, all municipalities located in the Val di Noto, a World Heritage Site for its sites art. This binds me deeply to this land, its landscapes, its art, but also to all its local products.  Sapori degli Iblei  is a company that offers typical products of the territory of Ragusa, the famed honey from Iblei and chocolate of Modica, an excellence of Italian craftsmanship, worked according to an ancient Aztec recipe, learned in Sicily from the Spanish conquistadors during the time of their domination.

I met with Sapori degli Iblei (but already know them) during my last “trip” to Chocotitano and I tasted some sample of their chocolates. From the line “Pure Modica”, not flavored, in percentages 50%, 65% and up to 85%: I preferred the 65% that is the one I will taste in this post. Agreable even tablets to 50% cocoa, flavored with typical local products: pistachios, almonds, citrus of Sicily. I also tasted, just out for curiosity, the chocolate tablet 50% and mint. Delicate, fresh mint blends perfectly with the chocolate of Modica, more raw and whole. My absolute favorite is the combination between classic Modica Chocolate and Sicilian citrus fruits.  It’s a little magic: you seem to be really in the beautiful sunny Sicily, with the scent of orange and zagara blossom.

 Tasting Modica Chocolate 65% by Sapori degli Iblei

Producer: i Sapori degli Iblei – Umberto I, 115 – Modica (RG) –
Ingredients: Cocoa 65% (single origin from Venezuela) , sugar

The chocolate of Modica has a characteristic appearance that can not be compared to other chocolate. Processing “cold” and without being conching, the chocolate makes it more “raw”, grainy and less polished. This is its most important feature and quality.

The aroma is intense but not aggressive. The nose opens to the important notes of wood, leather and tobacco. Then, follow blueberries and berries and a hint of spicy pepper and ginger.
In mouth you can admire the total purity of this chocolate, made with cocoa coming from Venezuela. There are many aromas, strong structured: the grains of sugar are in harmony with the aromas of chestnut, undergrowth, moss, mushrooms and wood wet. And a clear reference to leather and tobacco. A concentration of aromas and flavors that originates from the purity of its ingredients (cocoa and sugar) and the technical accuracy of their transformation.

It’s a “meaty” chocolate that you must bite to enjoying the full flavors and aromas. It doesn’t melt but it has an immediate and direct full-bodied. It does not hide anything, it is transparent in its fragrance; it’s real and authentic. Its density does not detract from the pleasure and smoothness, that originates also in the attention to the various stages of production, always aimed to preserve intact the original recipe and the conservation of all the aromas of cocoa origin.

Modica (Rg) – Sicily



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