Giulio Vacilotto: italian chocolate from Treviso

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I had the pleasure of meeting Giulio Vacilotto, a Chocolate Master from Treviso (Italy) during the event Chocotitano 2012 and to exchange a few words with him on his approach to chocolate. Essential point of his philosophy is the minute attention to the raw material that he works without too much manipulation, creating products related to his land and his territory. Be Chocolate Master for Giulio Vacilotto means a deep knowledge of chocolate, creativity and a lot of passion. In addition to work, work and more work. I read on his website:

First are necessary ingredients of the highest quality, which allow to obtain a final product unmistakable delicacy. Secondly, chocolate processing should be carried out in a more simple and minimal way as possible. A craftsman, should not be corrupted by the superficiality of preservatives, thickeners but must develop their ideas from nature, beaming its very essence and respecting their cycles.

His chocolates are all made by hand with an excellent technique and inexhaustible creative twist. Among his “Luxury collection” are original combinations, bold and unusual, able to give samples of great refinement and constant reminder of his land. As the soft Ganache white white asparagus of Bassano del Grappa double covered with dark chocolate or the Ganache of Peru 65% dark with grappa Nonino cuvée jelly and cherries of Marostica covered  with dark chocolate 80% from Madagascar.

Luxury Collection 2013
Ganache Mirto Sardinian covered by a layer of dark chocolate Ecuador 72%.

All his collection and his creations are a sophisticated sensory journey through the unique flavors of Italy coupled with chocolates produced exclusively with beans from plantations carefully selected. From his website:

Working side by side with real professionals has allowed my mind to learn modern techniques and improve my creativity. I thank those who always encouraged me to work the raw material, because it is only by knowing the raw material and processing technique that you can improve your creativity, obtaining results of high taste and refinement.

I tasted a selection of his chocolates and I was able to appreciate the balance of the pairings and the purity of the raw material used.

My favorites from Luxury Collection 2013:

  • Chocolate with Grappa Nonino cuvee and jelly Marostica cherries covered with dark chocolate Peru 65%.
  • Chocolate with tomato and basil covered with dark chocolate bar Peru 65%.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and ganache with chestnut honey covered with fondant Ecuador 72%.
  • Ganache Mirto Sardinian covered by a layer of dark chocolate Ecuador 72%.
  • Ganache with Figs and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena aged covered with a layer of dark chocolate Peru 65%.
  • Praline with Taggiasca olives and thyme covered in 65% dark chocolate bar and black sesame.
  • Chocolate con ganache al Tartufo bianco Chocolate with lemon and basil covered with dark chocolate Ecuador 72%.

Giulio Vacilotto Cioccolato – Locadina (TV)

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