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Tradition and innovation are the path that Fabio and Manuele Gardini have been exploring for more twently years in the fascinating and extensive world of chocolate. The product range  created by the italian chocolate company Gardini, always with rigorously handcrafted manufacturing processes, has always benn increasing without ever abandoning the idea that, in order to unite quality and personality, the passion and creativiy of an artisan is necessary. The creativity that motivates the two brothers has pushed them in researching chocolate blends with specialty local products. The specialty local products match the italian chocolate Gardini to create products with a truly unmistakable and unforgettable taste.

Chocolate made in Italy: the line of Cremini Gardini

The line of Cremini Gardini combines innovation and tradition. This line includes:

  • Traditional Cremino milk and dark chocolate with hazelnut of Piedmont
  • Cremino double flavour milk and dark chocolate with licorice
  • Cremino double flavour milk and dark chocolate with cherries

The Cremino is undoubtedly a product of the italian chocolate tradition and the difference lies in the quality of its ingredients.The traditional Cremino Gardini is exclusively made by a blend of chocolate extrabitter, milk chocolate and hazelnut of Piedmont.

The Cremino with cherries enhances the flavors of all the ingredients in a real dive in the sweetness.

The Cremino with licorice is the last proposal Gardini, and the delicate flavor of licorice at the same time continuing to give Cremino an innovative feature, a set of well-balanced flavors that they offer with entusiasmoo.

Best italian chocolate

The Cremino Gardini with cherries has received the gold medal at the “International London Chocolate Awards – 2012”.
The Cremino with licorice has received the silver medal at the “International Lonodn Chocolate Awards -2012”.

Source: Gardini

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