Italian chocolate Maglio: Equador 70% dark chocolate

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Maglio Arte Dolciaria is an italian chocolate company located in Puglia, southern Italy, in the area of Salento. This company express herself  in the true excellence of chocolate and in extraordinary products wich are studied, transformed, combined with different flavours and consistencies, with Mediterranean fruits and traditional recipes from Salento. When we say Chocolate Maglio we immediately think about Calabrian clementine segments, slices of orange ” Washington”, cherries “Ferrovia” and a lots of fruits covered with chocolate of the highest quality. The passion for what they produce, based on traditional and innovative system, the high quality of their products, the attention to every single detail, to their clients are their strength.

Working on  chocolate Maglio do not use mass of cocoa but he buys beans from selected plantations and make them work by a specialized french company. Today I taste their dark chocolate bar 70%. Equador.

In the luxuriant shade of the plantations, the Forastero of Amenolado variety in Equador has given rise to rare, aromatic and slightly bitter cocoa: the National. It will only grow on this land which, strangely, has given it an unique aroma of flowers and dried grasses…like the scent of an infusion.

Equador 70% dark chocolate

This chocolate has a good fragrance of  leather, fine wood, but also a hint of sweet flowers and berries. In the mouth I taste first a beautiful aroma of vanilla and a reminder of straw and hay. Then follow  notes slightly more bitter, balanced and then ,suddenly, a surprise recall of banana. It remains a constant reminder of sweetness, honey, always in perfect balance with the slight bitter notes.

The chocolate melt  good in mouth and has a beautiful persistence, though not long. It’s  a chocolate balanced, soft,  without a wide range of flavors but pleasant in its clarity.

Producer: Maglio Arte Dolciaria SRL – Via V. Zara, 2 – Maglie (LE) – Italy –

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