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If you are wondering about the best italian chocolate, you have to know that the new creation Amedei’s Cecilia Tessieri,  Blanco de Criollo is in my top ten and with a good placement. The search for quality took Cecilia Tessieri to Peru where, like all bean-to-bar producers, she built trust and closed relationships with farmers to be able to acquire the finest beans.

“The cocoa producers, the key link in the chain.
Amedei, full control of the production line.
Perù, where Cecilia Tessieri discovered and selected rare cocoa from the most remote plantations to create our new dark chocolate, the result of years of experience and research throughout the world and the final workmanship performed in our beloved Tuscany.
An unforgettable experience”.

Blanco de Criollo Amedei

Blanco de Criollo Amedei is a dark-bar at 70%  of refined elegance, a blend made from white-coloured Criollo beans from  the esteemed area of Piura, in the north of Perù. This chocolate  has a seductively scent of berries and wild mushrooms alternated with that of dried plums and toasted almonds. Delicate hints of liquorice prolong the aroma of chocolate inviting you to taste it over and over again.

A vintage chocolate…the discovery of the most aromatic and wild cocoa is united with the love from he who knows how to tame it and turn it into a real connoisseurs chocolate. A blend of rare cocoa from Peru in an unforgettable limited edition.

Blanco de Criollo Amedei

Despite the fashion for single origins, Cecilia Tessieri is a master at blending. Her blends at 63%, 66% and 70% are all classics and “9” is her most complex blend (you can read here the post “Amedei: la tavoletta 9” in italian language).

By lovingly studying and experimenting in the art of chocolate, by developing the cultures and aromatic cocoa in some of the most inaccessible places on earth; by following and putting into practice a dream of producing chocolate, using genuine old fashioned methods and antique machinery, the authors of this little miracle of confectionary are honoured today among the greatest creators of excellence in the world”.

You can read here the interview to Cecilia Tessieri (in italian).

Via San Gervasio, 20 – 56025 La Rotta – Pontedera (Pisa) – Italy
tel -39 0587.484849 – fax -39 0587.483208 –


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