Chocolate made in Italy: Cioccolato Maglio

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Cioccolato Maglio_logo_1Since 1875 the history of Maglio has been entwined with that of the Maglio family from Salento. The family have passed their passion and their know-how down through the generations, weaving inventiveness, affection and risk taking into their entrepreneurial adventure.

A can-do culture, respect for tradition, the value of authenticity: these are the values the company lives by. But it is the raw ingredients they select, the essence of the Mediterranean, emphasised and magnified by their chocolate, that  make their products so unique and conquer every plate.

Cioccolato Maglio: tree new products

CREAM CHOCOLATES BOX is a new package, small and with a great value for money, which contains cream chocolates, included the new entry with pistachios. Maglio cream chocolates are free from oils and fats of vegetable origin, except for those brought by cocoa butter, hazelnuts (in hazelnut chocolates) and pistachios. The praline soft consistency comes from a proper proportion between all ingredients and their natural oils. In addition, this season all cream chocolates (croccantino, pistachio, cappuccino, cremino, hazelnut) have a new dress, more joyful and colourful. With the same concept of this package, there are also assorted chocolates boxes (mini bars) and cremini &Co.

Cioccolato Maglio_Cioccolatini alle creme_2

PASSIONE DEL CIOCCOLATIERE WALNUTS is new in this collection, in addition to the classic “passione del cioccolatiere” with hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds. In this version, Sorrento walnut kernels are veiled with fine cinnamon and sink in a slab of dark chocolate with 60% cocoa minimum. The selection of the best varieties of dried fruit is essential for the expression of the taste of these products.

Cioccolato Maglio_passione del cioccolatiere_noci

AMORE DI NONNA is the first spreadable nut chocolate cream by Maglio. “Amore di nonna” is available in two versions, milk and dark chocolate. IGP Giffoni hazelnuts are roasted and converted into paste in the Maglio laboratory, they give the product a strong but pleasant taste. Creams contain a high percentage of cocoa mass, they are free from vegetable oils and fats, except for those brought by cocoa butter and hazelnuts. The packaging is a pot with a hermetic stopper, with a retro flair.

Cioccolato Maglio_amore di nonna
Cioccolato Maglio_logoMaglio Arte Dolciaria srl
73024 Maglie (LE) – Via Zara, 2 zona P.I.P.

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