Guido Gobino Chocolate: five new products

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Gobino_bottega via lagrangeFive new products, one for each year of the Bottega in Via Lagrange, in Turin – Italy –  by Guido Gobino, one of the most important craftsmen of chocolate made in Italy. This is the way Guido Gobino celebrates the Bottega, which 5th anniversary was on the 27th October 2012. Five unique specialties, mainly realized by hand, that have been first presented during the special birthday party organized in the Bottega.

These new recipes of Guido Gobino Selection represent the result of a long research where Guido Gobino wanted Italian tradition flavors to get together with innovation and originality for unusual combinations and new shapes. This is the way these specialties were born.

Specialties that call to be discovered, available in the historical shop in Via Cagliari 15B and in our Botteghe both in Via Lagrange, Turin, and in Corso Garibaldi, Milan.

Guido Gobino: 5 new products

Assorted fruit jellies, enrobed with Chocolate and decorated with shiny powders. 3 different flavors:
· pear pulp enrobed with Lattecacao Chocolate (milk chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage)
· Apricot pulp enrobed with Milk Chocolate
· Lemon pulp enrobed with Milk Chocolate

Guido Gobino Cioccolato: le Gelatine

Elegant filled chocolate in 2 flavors:
· Lattecacao Chocolate (milk chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage filled with pistachio and coffee
· Lattecacao Chocolate (milk chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage filled with Caramel and Salt

Guido Gobino Cioccolato: le Semisfere

Cocoa beans are cleaned, debacterized and then roasted directly in Guido Gobino’s Laboratory, using innovative technologies built together with the Engineering and Agricultural Faculty of Turin that are pretty unique among the other chocolate artisans. After roasting, cocoa beans are unshelled by hand and then enrobed with dark Chocolate and decorated with icing sugar. A new way of tasting chocolate, that can give you the chance to finally taste not only chocolate, but rather the actual cocoa beans.

Filling Chocolate in baking cups in 2 flavors:
· 63% Dark Chocolate Blend filled with Ancient Formula Vermouth
· 63% Dark Chocolate Blend filled with Campari

Guido Gobino Cioccolato: i Ripieni

Guido Gobino’s reinterpretation of the typical “Cuneese al rhum”. It’s a specialty made with 75% Dark Chocolate Blend and meringue. New, sophisticated and tempting

Guido Gobino Cioccolato: i Vernuij

Guido Gobino CioccolatoGuido Gobino, Cioccolato Artigianale  
Via Cagliari 15/B 10153 Torino, Italy – Tel. (+39) 011 247 62 45
Via Lagrange 1A, Torino
Corso Garibaldi, 37 Milano –

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