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Chocolate made in Italy: Cioccolato Maglio

27 gennaio 2013 Lascia un commento
Cioccolato Maglio_logo_1

Since 1875 the history of Maglio has been entwined with that of the Maglio family from Salento. The family have passed their passion and their know-how down through the generations, weaving inventiveness, affection and risk taking into their entrepreneurial adventure. A can-do culture, respect for tradition, the value of authenticity: these are the values the…

Guido Gobino Chocolate: five new products

21 gennaio 2013 Lascia un commento
Gobino_bottega via lagrange

Five new products, one for each year of the Bottega in Via Lagrange, in Turin – Italy –  by Guido Gobino, one of the most important craftsmen of chocolate made in Italy. This is the way Guido Gobino celebrates the Bottega, which 5th anniversary was on the 27th October 2012. Five unique specialties, mainly realized by hand, that have been…

Amedei Tuscany Chocolate: Blanco de Criollo

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If you are wondering about the best italian chocolate, you have to know that the new creation Amedei’s Cecilia Tessieri,  Blanco de Criollo is in my top ten and with a good placement. The search for quality took Cecilia Tessieri to Peru where, like all bean-to-bar producers, she built trust and closed relationships with farmers…