I love italian chocolate

Italian chocolate Gardini: Cremini

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Tradition and innovation are the path that Fabio and Manuele Gardini have been exploring for more twently years in the fascinating and extensive world of chocolate. The product range  created by the italian chocolate company Gardini, always with rigorously handcrafted manufacturing processes, has always benn increasing without ever abandoning the idea that, in order to…

Italian chocolate Maglio: Equador 70% dark chocolate

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Maglio Arte Dolciaria is an italian chocolate company located in Puglia, southern Italy, in the area of Salento. This company express herself  in the true excellence of chocolate and in extraordinary products wich are studied, transformed, combined with different flavours and consistencies, with Mediterranean fruits and traditional recipes from Salento. When we say Chocolate Maglio…

New creation Amedei is coming

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This evening, in occasion of an exclusive event in Milan, Cecilia Tessieri will be proud to announce che  launch of a new delicacy Amedei Limited Edition. I will be there and I’m so courious to know what it is… Yesterday on his Facebook page Amedei published something about: can you try to guess something? New…